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Here you go Ladies... the page you need to get your Man groomed, Great gift certificate idea!


Men's Sports Facial: Soothes and hydrates skin that has been irritated by shaving, environment or stress. This includes deep cleansing, appropriate exfoliation for your skin type, extractions, customized massage and mask. Leaving your skin looking healthy and fresh.
45 Minutes - $45

Microdermabrasion: Evens out skin tone, reduces fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne scars for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. A series of 6 is recommended for best results.
1st Time - $25

Mini Microdermabrasion Treatment: 30 Minutes - $50

Deluxe Microdermabrasion Treatment (includes spa facial): 60 Minutes - $75

Lam Probe
A small, dull needle administers an electro-current to the epidermis, drawing liquids to the surface. Extremely effective in treating, fibromas, broken capillaries, blood spots, skin tags and cholesterol deposits. Immediate results make several of the esthetic imperfections disappear immediately and speed up results for others. Minimal discomfort. Healing time is short, from a day or two to a week, depending on your skin and the size of removed imperfections.
Only $35!

Gentleman's Waxing and Service Menu:
We know you guys are just as curious as can be about all this spa stuff going on and it's becoming quite amazing how many guys are coming in to the salon for this service. No, it's not only gay guys that get waxed either. It's manly and hygienic so don't worry! It is very rewarding and visually attractive to have hair removed that you are uncomfortable with and we will make you feel very welcome with our professionalism.

Our Waxing Menu (Men):
MEN'S EYEBROWS: We clean them up very nicely. We do not make them feminine unless requested. We respect that cleaning up a man's brows can make a nice difference so that others may notice a clean change, but not enough to catch on to what was done. - $10

MEN'S NOSE HAIR WAX: ALL of us know at least ONE man that could really use this service. Surprisingly, this is not painful; he will love it after it is done. - $10

MEN'S EAR HAIR: you know you donít need that hair. - $10

MEN'S BACK OF NECK HAIR WAXING: This is a nice service that lasts quite a long time. - $10

MEN'S SHOULDERS: No epilates for the man who grooms his shoulders. - $10

MEN'S ARMS: Good for bicyclers, swimmers, work-out guys or anyone. After we wax you the first time this service could become habit forming. $15

MEN'S UNDERARMS: This is a nice and pleasant surprise for those who are tired of sticky armpit hair. You would be surprised how popular this service isÖ $15

MEN'S CHEST: We are nothing like the 40 year old virgin! That movie made everyone think that that is how people get waxed! It's not true! We are licensed, educated, trained, supported by the State Board and legal - $25

MEN'S BACK: Our most popular service. First time can be a little tender, and we will recommend that you pick up some of our home care product to discourage bumps. Once you get used to this (and you will) the service will become addictive. There's nothing more wonderful than having a smooth back. Shirts will feel different on too. - $25

MEN'S LOW BACK (only): This is good for sparse unsightly hair on the mid to lower back area. - $10

BRAZILIAN: Everything around the genital area front and back - $75-$100

MEN'S FULL LEG WAX: It is sooo much better than shaving - $45

-Discounts apply when combining services-